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Training - some suggestions

Some training suggestions you might consider to meet your needs - alongside the bespoke training I more regularly deliver.

For more information: Contact me by phone or use the form on the Contact me page. For training costs visit the terms page.

South Worcestershire College logoIT Courses Spring Term 2015 at Evesham Campus!

Course: Improve your IT Skills

Tuesdays 19.00-21.00.
Runs 8 weeks from 20th Jan.  Price £80.00

On this course you will learn a variety of computer skills including Word, Spreadsheets and Presentation skills. The course is ideal for sole traders or small businesses providing you with the skills needed to organise your files and a simple accounts system.
Coursecode: 141ECON102

Course: Leisure Computing for Beginners

Fridays 10.00-12.00.
Runs 8 weeks 23rd Jan.  Price £80.00

This course is for absolute beginners and will help you gain confidence in the use of Windows. You will learn how to switch on, use a mouse, how to use Word and how to save and find documents you have created. You will learn how to use the Web and Email. The course is designed to be fun and a launchpad for gaining new skills.
Coursecode: 141ECON100

Course: More Leisure Computing

Fridays 14.00-16.00.
Runs 8 weeks from 23rd Jan.  Price £80.00

If you have done some computing and want to gain more confidence this course is for you. The course will include a focus on wider use of the internet - for example shopping and banking "online" how Skype is used, email with attachments and online security. It will also include management of files and folders as well as use of picture files - for example in Word and getting them from your camera to the computer.
Coursecode: 141ECON101

Interested!? Contact Enrolments 01386 712601 or speak to Jane Dunn 01386 712648 - Jane can also enrol you.

Word-processing - need help with letter writing, mailshots and simple marketing?

The aim of this training is to provide you with the skills needed to make better use of MS Word for letter writing, marketing, and for mailshots.

Using spreadsheets for database and accounting

The main focus here is on developing your own accounting system, organising and archiving accounts, and drawing results from your own data.

Create Presentations that you can deliver in a talk or email out to people

The aim here is to make best use of MS PowerPoint as a marketing device or for giving talks.  If you are planning to use for talks and need some help/support regarding delivery, this additional option is available.  The learning could include the following components:

Build your own Website - using Open-Source KompoZer software

Progress with IT - picture of KompoZer logo

If you are keen to have a presence on the Web and to do it yourself, you need look no further than to take advantage of this offer. Using open-source KompoZer software in conjunction with the simple to follow resources I can supply.

These materials will support you getting familiar with and building a website (offline) - with as many pages as required - and ready to be uploaded to a hosting server of your choice.  The package is intended to allow you to do this under your own steam, and in your own time.  The resources are best suited to a small business requiring an attractive yet simple web presence, such as a trades-person offering a service and needing a shop window.  Anyone needing a full-blown e-commerce website (involving shopping cart and database interactivity) could make a start but would probably find WordPress a better option (see WordPress comment on the Resources page).  It could however readily carry products that are linked through PayPal to offer secure means for financial transactions.

This could be all you need to get your show on the road.  The pack consists of:

  • KompoZer 0.8b3 software - this is open-source and therefore free of charge - find out more about KompoZer
  • A userguide for building a practice website, plus files required.
  • A comprehensive software guide to the program

Cost per person: £19.95 for the practice website userguide and resources.  I am happy to chip in some advice but additional support or training will be charged at the hourly rate as listed in the Progress with IT terms.

Progress with IT - options notice board pictureBespoke training

Aside from the suggested training, offered here, most of the training I deliver is actually 'bespoke', with people telling me what they want to learn - training is then organised around personal needs.  So if none of what is on offer here fits your needs we can look at it together.  Please note however, it is IT training on offer - not technical support.  If you need the latter then I'm happy to advise so give me a call.

Getting familiar with your Computer

Getting started using Windows

Progress with IT - picture of MS Windows icon

Getting up close and familiar with Windows platform (and versions).  If you are at a loss on how to use your PC, laptop or tablet, this suggested course will certainly give you the helping hand, the kick start, to build your confidence in taking control of your machine.

Learn how to managing your files and folders

So often people will say to me that they have saved a file but don't know where - and now can't find it.  Do this suggested course and you will know where you have put all your files - and further it will help you to organise them better too!

Progress with IT - picture of 3 Ws in boxLearn about using the Web

If you are new to using the World Wide Web, or have used it but don't really know what you are doing, then this suggested course will put you in the picture as to what it is all about and the tricks and tips for getting around it.

Using email - best practices

Progress with IT - picture of envelope with @ sign

Email is so important these days, having almost replaced letter writing for many of us.  It is important then that you know your way around, and feel confident using your emailer.

Get in touch

Should you require further information on any of the above suggestions, please get in touch. Contact me by phone or use the form on the Contact me page. For training costs visit the terms page  Meanwhile the following examples of two training outlines will give you a taste of what is covered in more depth.

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