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Terms and Prices

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The following charges are based on my visiting your home or venue, and providing IT training.  It is expected that you will have your own PC desktop, laptop or notebook to work on during the training.

Training, one to one

Charge £25.00 per hour.  Pricing is negotiable on regular training or training lasting longer than 2 hours - also see Concessions.

Although you can book a suggested course as it stands, it nevertheless will be really useful to both of us, if you can clarify what you want to achieve from the training, before we begin.  This can be discussed over the phone, by email, or sometimes during a visit - if the latter makes more sense.  There is usually no charge for this initial support/advice.

Group training

Charge £40.00 per hour.  Pricing is negotiable on training lasting longer than 3 hours - also see Concessions.

This price structure is for up to six attendees, covering either two hour or half-day (three hour) workshops.
Note: Examples of workshop outlines can be found under the Training page.

Resource provision

Training resources: Where training requires practice files, these will be made available at the start of the training.  There is no additional cost.

Training notes: I encourage all learners to make their own notes during the training sessions.  Where additional notes are requested, these may, depending upon amount, incur additional cost.  Such notes will normally be supplied in portable document format (pdf) or via a web link.

Userguide request: Where a request is made for an illustrated or non-illustrated userguide - which may be supplied with or without training being involved - the price will be subject to the amount of worktime involved in writing it.  Same current hourly rates as for training being charged.  Once written, immediate revisions or updates will not be charged.

Travel charges

Travel charges are costed under the following conditions:

  • For travel within 2 mile radius of Evesham base, there is no extra charge.
  • Travel beyond 2 miles radius - up to 25 miles radius, is charged at £1.00p per additional mile to venue.


All bookings for training require some preparation on my part.  Forty eight hours notice is required to cancel a pre-arranged booking.

Where less than twenty four hours notice is given (with no alternative date being requested) a discretionary hour charge will be incurred.  There may also be an additional charge where a written resource has also been requested specifically for the training.


Depending on bookings and circumstances, I am open to negotiation on charges.  This would normally amount to an agreed discount on the hourly charge.

Examples are, where training one-off (or for more regular training) for a registered charity or community project.  Or where a person can evidence being on benefits, or retired and relying on benefits.  Please get in touch to discuss.


In order to keep prices and costs down, I normally request full payment at the point of completing delivery of training.

Payment can be made by cash, or by cheque (made out to Francis O'Neill), or via PayPal (if you have a PayPal a/c - details on invoice).  An invoice/receipt will be provided on transactions.

No VAT charge on this service. Business Reg No: 2169971004

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