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Some people have taken the trouble to write to me with their comments on the training, or support, I have given...

Here are some of those comments.  These are taken over the last year or so, and mostly for help I have given to people working in the public sector.

[Please note that, in keeping with the UK Data Protection Act 1998, I'm using initials or first names only here - unless the writer has given me permission to use their full name.]

Thanks for that. It's all coming back to me now. That's just what I needed to get back into using a computer. You only have to have missed a few years and the whole Windows setup has changed.

Mr R S - Aston Somerville nr Evesham

Thank you so much. I've learnt more in an hour with you than I ever learnt at the college course I did - it's really helping my confidence.

Mrs M. - Evesham

The feedback we've had from our councillors and staff, from the courses run by you, have all been positive.  The pace, content and delivery have all been well-received and useful...we may well want to use your services in the future.  Best regards.

Pauline (Clerk to a parish council)

With regard to the training you have provided... over the last few years, I have attended several of your workshops and have found them all to be very helpful indeed.  I think breaking things down into short sessions works well and the written notes provided were also very useful.  In fact, I still sometimes refer to them if it is something I don't use very often and can't quite remember what to do.

Alison (Clerk to a parish council)

I've always enjoyed your training sessions and they have been very helpful, so too your responses to ad hoc queries.

DJ (a local authority officer)

Thank you ... finally I can open a document and instantly see what it is ... bliss!

JG (a local authority officer)

Many thanks for your help and support during my ECDL - it was much appreciated!

Julian Lorenz

I wanted to let you know that Mandy and I have now completed the ECDL.  We are both delighted!  Hopefully we can both show that it can be done despite having day jobs and young families to sort out!
I would also like you to know that Francis was a wonderful support during this course and really encouraged me through.


That's amazing!!!!!!  I really did not expect that. I was really worried that I had failed that one.  Thanks for all your help in getting me through.

MW (a local authority officer)

Thank you very much for an excellent one to one session this AM, which was very helpful. Your handouts are much appreciated and I would be grateful if you would add me to your distribution.

TR (a parish councillor)

Thanks for looking into this for me.  I think we have now managed to manipulate the information showing on the form to suit our needs.


Thank you for the training session, I cannot tell you how useful it was.  I have completely rearranged my Outlook and have deleted 132 messages!

SA (a district councillor)

Can you let me know your availability for training for the above, for the councillors that attended the most helpful training this morning - they were most impressed.

PB (a local authority officer)

Yes, that's it!  Thank you.... I've made some beautiful graphs now which will be sufficient for the report I need.

MMacW (a HR manager)

...In particular, may I be permitted to sing the praises of one individual?  I have found the advice and encouragement offered by Francis O'Neill to be unfailingly high-quality and very professional.  He is a rare asset... and (I fear) something of an unsung hero.

AP (a district councillor)

Francis  Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for delivering all the IT training sessions last Friday, Silver Surfer's day.  It was heartwarming and encouraging to see the benefit that the training was having upon the participants and to hear how keen they all were to consolidate and extend their learning.  Without exception, everyone told me that the training was excellent.  With sincere thanks & best wishes

JR (a community co-ordinator)

Francis, just to say thank you for your help with the PBViews program - it is much appreciated.

NS (a local authority officer)

Francis, that was, as ever most helpful this morning.

And by the bye, meant to say B.. came to see us this week and it looks very much as if her department can help us out - so thank you for excellent recommendation there.

NR-J (a town council officer)

No fancy card, but I thank you for this morning's patience.
I'm sure it crossed your mind that I would struggle, it did mine, but I owed it to you and myself to have a good go.  Yes I could have felt better equipped if I had one more week.  So thank you for time and patience.


Many thanks for taking so much time yesterday to train Linda and I on mail-merge.  I feel we have benefitted greatly and hopefully, with your notes, we will be able to achieve another when needed.  With thanks.

Kath (a local authority officer)

Francis, you're a star!!  I would never have worked that out.  Many, many thanks; it will make life a lot easier once set up.

Please let me know if you will be doing a course to build on the intermediate.  I would like to learn more. Thanks...

Verena (a town council finance officer)

My spreadsheet problem...I spent ages battling and refusing to be beaten by this...should have called you earlier.  Many thanks!!!


Many thanks for the file, it is much appreciated.  I have sent the spreadsheet to the working party for comment.... In the meantime many thanks for your exceptionally speedy response to this work, it is much appreciated...

ST (a district councillor)



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