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Progress with IT - Laptop and graphs imageHome-based computer training - helping beginners and startup businesses make better use of their PC and Windows programs.

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Need to catch up with everybody else? Get familiar with your PC!

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It almost goes without saying, we are in challenging times and it makes sense to take every opportunity at your disposal to use your computer to best advantage.

If you are in the bracket of not yet being up to speed with knowing your way around your pc, with using Windows or getting onto the Internet then you are missing out on a whole world of advice, information, career and work opportunities, and indeed contacts.

Equally important, you could be missing out on the opportunity to buy (or sell) goods and services often at much lower prices than you might pay on the high street.

If you need a job for example you should be leaving your CV online for prospective employers rather than just relying on local papers.  Consider the following workshops on offer:

Alternatively, if you just need help with some items and not others, I'm very happy to work to a list you provide.

Home-based training

All training is carried out in the comfort of your own home, or office - I will bring the training to you. Just let me know what you are wanting to achieve.

Training is offered within a 25 mile radius of Evesham in Worcestershire, UK.  Every endeavour is made to provide this service at a day and time to best suit you.

Telephone number
Call me or visit the Contact me page, where you will find a form for email use.

IT courses for next Spring Term at Evesham Campus!

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Improving your IT skills for business and work

Starting up your own business and needing help with getting to grips with the IT side of things?  Get in touch to find out more about training on offer:

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Help with specific online concerns

Get in touch if you need help with any of the following:

  • Creating a Web presence
  • Shopping and banking
  • Signing up for a social networking site
  • Making use of Skype
  • Selling items on eBay
  • Filling in online forms securely
  • Getting more secure online


Self-hypnosis & Study

Improve your studying using Self-hypnosis

Ever thought about using Self-hypnosis as a means to improve your ability to study!? Take a look at the Education & Study program at SomeInspiration.com to find out more...


Looking for Web hosting!?  Do explore iPage.

Progress With IT is hosted on iPage.  I've found iPage to provide the hosting service I need for this website and others.  Simply it provides a great service is economical and reliable.

 Useful Weblinks

  • UK Online Centres.  This national organisation offers e-learning support for getting to grips with using computers, and particularly online facilities - the Web and email.  Although you can study from home, you are best advised to attend one of their centres to do this - find out more off the website.
  • Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi.  If you are wishing to develop your own Website, this Website provides a great resource and information for getting on top of doing that - particularly in using hypertext markup lanquage (HTML). Picture of people linking I've used this Website a lot in my time - and one day I will buy Richard Rutter a beer, as he so often requests.
  • W3Schools provides online Web tutorials.  This is 'the world's largest Web development' site, a real treasure, and therefore a must for any would-be Web developer.
  • SPN Tech, Social Media & Search Engine News

UK, Evesham area

  • Cotswold Laptops + PCs Ltd.  If you need technical support and live within the area of Evesham, give Olly at Cotswold Laptops + PCs a call.  Company based in South Littleton, Worcestershire
  • Learn the piano with Annie Locke.  If you live within reach of Evesham, Worcestershire, UK, and want to learn to play the piano, you may wish to contact Annie, through her website, to find out more.  She helps children and adults take their grades - up to Grade 8 and beyond - but also very much helps anyone wanting to do it for their own enjoyment and pleasure.
  • Inner Harmonies Music provides relaxation music by local artist, Annie Locke.  Sample her beautiful uplifting music, and the music of other artists, while you are there.
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